This isn’t the ideal way to start a marriage, but what’s truly important is that at least half the couple is madly in love.



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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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5 Responses to “Nervous Groom Tries To Escape Wedding”

  1. People are taking this too seriously. It’s a prank, meant for harmless fun. The punchline wasn’t that the man was being forced to marry the woman. The punchline was that they’re having a wedding right there and are trying to hurry. This video isn’t a diss on men. Cool ur beans

  2. this is hilarious… now please do *”Nervous Bride Tries To Escape Wedding”*

  3. chas ames says:

    Keep waiting for these to get stale. Ain’t happened yet

    Would it kill ya to toss in bloopers?

  4. Yeah reserve the roles it’s a whole another ball game

  5. Agressive Bride😘

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